Amazon Devices with FreeTime Experiencing Major Issues

Amazon Fire Tablet users with FaceTime experiencing "Oops! Something went wrong glitch."
amazon freetime oops something went wrong

Users on are reporting major problems on Amazon Fire devices with FreeTime installed. According to the user complaints, the issue seems to be connected to the latest FireOS update and a recent FreeTime update.

The bug seems to be rendering devices unusable. Users attempting to use the affected devices are met with an error message that states “Oops! Something went wrong.” The glitch seems to disable child accounts, though it will allow the parent accounts normal access. Some users have had success getting past the error by restarting the device, but other users are claiming that the solution is temporary and the error returns.

Amazon is aware of the problem and has instructed affected users to do a factory reset, but users have also stated that this does not work in all cases. The issue seems to have started for users several weeks ago, with an escalation in users affected over the past few days.

If you are having an issue, contact Customer Service immediately. Since the issue seems to be widespread, it may necessitate a device replacement or other warranty action.

Amazon FreeTime is an app and a content subscription service aimed at children with access to Amazon Fire devices. You can learn more about FreeTime here. If FreeTime is not on your device and you do not have a child account on your Fire tablet, this glitch should not affect you.

If you are affected, you can learn what other users are saying on

h/t to Glinda Harrison at The Ebook Evangelist