Harlequin’s eBook Transition to Bookshout

Harlequin, the romance story super-power, has completed the transition from its previous direct sale ebook system to Bookshout, a third-party store and reading service.
harlequin bookshout

Harlequin’s November 12th Deadline for the Transition

Harlequin’s switch from ebook provider Overdrive is complete and users who have purchased ebooks directly from Harlequin are now transitioned to Bookshout. While previously purchased titles are still available, they are now accessed through the Bookshout service. Owners of ebooks purchased before the move were given until November 12th to download physical copies of ebooks.

Harlequin previously used Overdrive as their direct service provider. Downloaded copies of the epubs used DRM protection provided by Adobe Digital Editions. The switch to Bookshout does not allow book owners to download titles outside of the service.

What Readers Can Do with Bookshout

Bookshout allows users to access titles through web browser and apps. Apps are provided through the Google Play Store and iTunes. Users can also install the app on Kindle Fire tablets and NOOK tablets. There is no other way to access the books. Users can download books for offline reading through the apps, but there is no supported way to download a local copy to PC. Bookshout gives users the option to purchase Harlequin titles directly from the app or website. Ebooks and Harlequin subscriptions can also be purchased from Harlequin’s website and will be accessible though Bookshout.

Harlequin has not given an official explanation for the move from Overdrive to Bookshout or a reason customers can no longer download copies of books to use on devices of their choice. Ereaders without Android support cannot access Bookshout, which means Kindle, Kobo, and other devices can’t use Bookshout content. Harper Collins, the parent company of Harlequin, also uses Bookshout.

Harlequin did not change third-party purchase options with the switch to Bookshout. Amazon, Google Play Books, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes still sell Harlequin titles.