Gitenberg Project Officially Launches After 6 Years

After six years of work, Project GITenberg has put over 57,000 Project Gutenberg titles onto Github.
project gitenberg officialy launched

GITenberg, the Github-reinforced Project Gutenberg endeavor sponsored by the Free Ebook Foundation, officially launched October 30th for public use. The mission of GITenberg is to support Project Guttenberg with the processes and tools used by Github for coordination, bug tracking, issue reporting, and version control.

GITenberg went live on October 30th, but the project has been a work in-in-progress for the past six years. The team at GITenberg is supported by the Free Ebook Foundation.

The project has created repositories on Github for almost 57,000 titles. Project Gutenberg has over 58,000 titles, but 1,363 Project Gutenberg titles were culled for licensing issues or failure to meet the threshold to be considered a book. Metadata files readable by humans have been created for every book. All books have cover images. All books are in the public domain and all tools used for the project are open source. All books added to the repositories have been rebuilt and include EPUB, MOBI, and PDF copies for each title. Users of GITenberg who encounter issues are encouraged to use the reporting tools to submit issues.

Users can learn more at the GITenberg website. The site contains a database that runs search queries for titles, and then returns links to the Github files as well as links to the titles on Project Gutenberg.