Project Chromefy: Install Chrome OS on PCs and Tablets

Project Chromefy lets you transform any PC, tablet, or other device into one that runs Chrome OS, as long as the device can boot from a live USB
project chromefy put chrome os on pcs and tablets

If you’ve ever wanted to take a Windows tablet or an old laptop and give it new life with Chrome OS, Project Chromefy gives you the tools and the guide to make it happen. The main requirement for Project Chromefy is to have a device capable of live booting from USB.

You can find the Project Chromefy guide on the XDA Developers forum. XDA is the go-to place for anyone looking to root an Android device, install a custom rom..and now it’s also the destination for those looking to turn their compatible tablets and computers into devices running on Chrome OS.

One of the biggest strengths of Ubuntu, Mint, and other easy-to-install Linux distributions is the ability to breathe new life into old hardware. Project Chromify opens the same door to giving old hardware new life. I don’t see why it needs to be limited to old hardware. There are many instances, especially with 2-in-1 laptops, where Chrome OS’s support for tablets would make them a perfect candidate for Chromefy transformation. A Surface Pro running Chrome OS means the Windows tablet would FINALLY have the tablet app support missing since its inception.

A strong feature of any PC or related device is the power of the text editor. With a text editor, you have the power to create code or to write a story or a blog or a news site or a memoir; you are limited by knowledge and vision, not the hardware itself. But the addition of tools and having a modern OS that supports your work and runs quickly on older hardware is a plus.

Project Chromefy is an exciting project. Screen Dandy will test Project Chromefy out on a Skylake 2-in-1 that would make an ideal Chromebook and Chrome OS tablet. Look for an article in the future about Screen Dandy’s Project Chromefy experiment.

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