The NOOK Tablet 10.1″ Available for Purchase on November 14th

Barnes & Noble announces the NOOK Tablet 10.1", a FHD (1200p) 32GB Android tablet with Google Play integration and a $129.99 price tag.
barnes and noble nook 10 avaialble for pruchase november 14 2018

On November 5th Barnes & Noble announced the newest member of the NOOK lineup, the NOOK 10.1″.  The NOOK 10.1″ is available for pre-order at BN.coom and shoppers can purchase the tablet on November 14th in Barnes and Noble retail locations for $129.99.

What You Will Get with the NOOK 10.1″

The $129.99 price point for the NOOK 10.1″ is attractive for what the NOOK 10.1″ promises. The NOOK 10.1″ will offer integration into the Barnes & Noble eBook library and magazine and subscription services. The 10-inch tablet has an IPS display with a resolution of 1920:1200 at a 16:10 aspect ration with 224 ppi. Onboard memory is limited to 32 gigs but the NOOK 10.1″ supports MicroSD cards. The landing page for the NOOK promises to support “up to 256GB” with a microSD card, but that limit is likely limited by current microSD card availability. When bigger cards are announced, the NOOK should support larger sizes.

Some things you will find in The NOOK that you won’t find in the new Kindle Paperwhite: dual-band wifi, a headset jack, and a power adapter. That’s not an entirely fair comparison since the Paperwhite is an e-reader and the NOOK 10.1″ is a tablet.

The best comparison to the NOOK 10.1″ is obviously the Kindle Fire HD 10. And the biggest difference: the NOOK 10.1″ supports native Google Play support. This is huge, as it gives the NOOK 10.1″ access to essentially all of the apps on the Play Store, and that is a feature that Fire tablets lack out of the box.

The least attractive feature of the NOOK 1o.1″ looks like it will be the cameras: the device comes with front and rear cameras, but at 2MP each, expectations of quality are low. There is currently no information on speakers.

We’ll be publishing our review of the NOOK 10.1″ later this week.

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